Recruitment beyond Geographical Barriers

Recruitment beyond Geographical Barriers

As recruiters, you are always keen to connect with a large number of candidates, so that you can present them with relevant job opportunities. But what if geographical barriers are hampering your efforts to reach out to a larger database of candidates?

Why choose Arambha for your recruitment solutions

Arambha has a comprehensive database of candidates from the rural and semi-rural areas in the vicinity of Pune. Most of our candidates hold at least an H.S.C degree. We also have graduates, who are keen to launch their career by working in urban areas. In addition, we have candidates who can work in roles such as sales force personnel, counter person, and so on.

Arambha also compiles a database of candidates eligible for blue-collared jobs in manufacturing units, industries and factories. We have applicants who are I.T.I (Industrial Training Institute) certified. We also have a database of trained maintenance work force like plumbers, electricians, carpenters and painters.

We also provide candidates for an organization’s house-keeping personnel and for other administrative purposes in low-skilled jobs.

With Arambha, you would be going one step further and doing your bit for the society as well. You will be filling staffing requirements of organizations, but more importantly, you would be providing a job opportunity to deserving candidates from rural areas.

How do you as a recruiter benefit from Arambha

With Arambha, you can be sure that the candidate is genuine. What you see is what you get. That’s because Arambha verifies the authenticity of its candidates’ qualifications before including them in their database.

You get to reach a bigger workforce, merely at the click of a button! Arambha’s USP is its large database of applicants residing in rural areas. Arambha provides you a platform to connect with these applicants and widen your search base.

Arambha also guarantees a replacement candidate, for no extra charge, if a candidate leaves within 3 months of joining.

The Larger Picture

The objective at the heart of Arambha is to provide a source of livelihood and an opportunity for improving the standard of living of the rural youths. You can play your part in their lives by giving our candidates an opportunity to empower themselves.