What is Arambha

Arambha is an online job recruitment portal with a difference. An initiative of Anushree Industries Pvt. Ltd., Arambha aims to create an equal-opportunities platform that would greatly benefit youths residing in rural areas all over Maharashtra.

Arambha is keen to break the geographical barriers that hamper the career prospects of qualified applicants living far from urban areas and help them find jobs in Pune, Nashik, and Mumbai, among other cities. This is our way of giving back to the society. Arambha has a qualified and experienced team to drive this initiative.

Here’s how Arambha works…

  1. Sourcing of candidates:
    Our team from Arambha interviews applicants and verifies their qualifications. After due diligence, we create a database of all candidates and categorize them as per their qualifications and skill-sets.
  1. Qualification of candidates:
    The applicants have completed their H.S.C, B.A., B.Com and B.Sc. Arambha also has candidates who are I.T.I-certified. Apart from these, we also compile a database of semi-skilled applicants.
  1. Job profile for candidates:
    Arambha seeks jobs for its candidates in all fields. Our candidates are suitable for various professions such as the service industry, sales, administrative, support, house-keeping, maintenance, and so on.
  1. Target job markets:
    For its candidates, Arambha seeks jobs in Pune, Nashik and Mumbai, among other regions. The idea is to empower candidates to be economically independent while living up to their potential at the same time.
  1. Role of recruiters:
    Arambha contacts recruitment agencies and organizations based in the nearest urban center and gathers information about available job opportunities for their candidates
    Arambha creates a digital profile for qualified candidates in its database and posts their resumes online, so that recruiters can view their profile and search through their database for suitable candidates.
  1. A platform for employers and applicants:
    Arambha matches recruiters’ requirements for job openings with the skill-sets of their candidates. Our teams search through their database for a suitable candidate.
    We also set up interviews between the employer and potential employees.
  1. Arambha’s guarantee:
    Arambha vouches for the qualifications of its candidates. All candidates have verified skill-sets, so recruiters can be sure about the authenticity of the credentials.
    Arambha’s Just-In-Time service ensures a quick response to recruiters’ requirements for filling immediate vacancies.
    Arambha also provides replacement services at no extra cost. This is applicable if our candidate quits work in less than 3 months from the joining date.

Arambha’s online job recruitment portal brings recruiters an opportunity to work for the betterment of society. You can do this by giving employable youths an opportunity to work in cities. We all dream of a better tomorrow. It’s time we helped others fulfill their dreams of a better tomorrow.

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