How can a job seeker connect with Arambha ?

Finding entry-level jobs on online job portals is challenging as it is.

But what if candidates can’t connect with potential employers due to lack of internet connectivity??!

What if there are no portals catering to candidates for blue-collar jobs in industries and  entry-level jobs like housekeeping, support staff and maintenance crew?!!

Well, Arambha has the answers!

Today, recruitment portals are mushrooming all over the internet. But they are catering primarily to the urban white-collar vacancies in corporates and offices. It is presumed that candidates as well as job seekers can access the internet easily.

However, this is not true for candidates seeking entry-level jobs. With a basic educational qualification and no means of being connected to the digital world of recruiters, such candidates are bereft of options to search for the ideal jobs. Keeping this in mind, Arambha explores other options to connect with candidates for its database of entry-level jobs.

How Arambha is changing the scene

With Arambha, a candidate can easily connect to a large number of vacancies in entry-level positions such as housekeeping, office boy, maintenance personnel, etc. Whether you are based in the city or on its outskirts, you can connect with Arambha by means of a simple phone call.

Arambha has issued calling cards that a candidate can purchase from any general store or a card recharge kiosk. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Candidate purchases calling card from a nearby store.

Step 2: Candidate calls the Arambha office.

Step 3: The expert team from Arambha prepares a detailed resume of the candidate, based on the details provided, like educational qualifications, skill-sets and aptitude.

Step 4: Arambha verifies the educational qualifications of the candidate.

Step 5: Arambha includes the resume in its database of candidates, and classifies it according to skill-sets and qualifications.

Step 6: When recruiters seek applicants, Arambha provides them details according to their requirements.

Step 7: Arambha sets up interviews between candidates and employers.

Step 8: Arambha updates the status of candidates’ employment in its records.

Additionally, Arambha also provides replacement candidates if the original one leaves within 3 months of joining!

Arambha ensures end-to-end service to both applicants and recruiters. By providing a platform to candidates on the fringe to connect with recruiters, Arambha is treading a new path in the world of employment.