How Make in India is impacting the semi skilled workforce

Online job portals like Arambha are providing employment opportunities to semi skilled and blue-collared workers across the country. It is not just a coincidence that the unorganized labour sector is becoming better organized to make the most of the positive market conditions.

How it began

When the Narendra Modi-led NDA government came to power last year, it created a wave of optimism all round. The government’s popular motto of ‘Make in India’ led to many industries, entrepreneurs and start-ups setting up shops here. This led to job creations in the skilled as well as semi skilled sectors. The much-neglected semi skilled job market hugely benefited from this. The economic growth has been well and truly inclusive and has changed lives of the blue-collar and semi skilled employees for the better.

Cab Drivers for call-a-cab companies

A classic case is the surge in demand for cab drivers. Since the establishment of the BPO sector, cab drivers have seen a steady growth in income, to the extent that they could invest in purchasing a vehicle and let them out for hiring. Call-a-cab companies have improved the lot of chauffeurs to a great extent. Two years ago, AS Pandey from New Delhi was a driver, ferrying guests of a luxury chain of hotels. Today, he has a vehicle of his own and works with a popular cab company, earning a 5-figure salary.

Delivery Personnel for e-commerce portals

Similarly, the e-commerce sector has changed the lives of lakhs of unskilled employees. With the mushrooming of online retail stores, there is a growing demand for delivery personnel. Be it clothes, grocery, furniture or food portals, all are employing semi-skilled personnel for delivering goods. They play a very important role in the success of these businesses. These job opportunities have also transformed the lives of employees and given them a chance to improve their standard of living by providing them meaningful employment. The salaries they earn are better than before, with some earning more than Rs. 10,000/- per month.

Blue-collar personnel for manufacturing units

India’s manufacturing units are another key sector which are changing the lives of low-skilled blue-collar workers. According to a report, the automotive sector alone employs 10 million workers directly and indirectly. Demand for blue-collar jobs in this sector is expected to double in the next decade. With more and more manufacturers setting up plants in India’s industrial belts, salaries are becoming increasingly competitive in this market. Companies are building strategies and reaching out directly to blue-collar workers, thus eliminating the middleman.

With Online job portals like Arambha are playing their part and connecting these companies to the blue-collar candidates. Arambha, an initiative of Anushree Industries India Pvt. Ltd., is building a database of candidates suitable for semi-skilled jobs.