FREE Registration for Recruiters in 3 Easy Steps

Arambha provides 3 simple steps for recruiters and employment agencies to register FREE for its online job portal. There are numerous benefits for signing up with Arambha. Recruiters and placement agencies can directly connect with many candidates for entry-level jobs.

Here are 3 easy steps for recruiters to register:

Step 1: Click the link You will be taken to the registration page for recruiters.

Figure 1: Screenshot of Registration Page

Step 2: Click theRecruiters Signup FREEbutton highlighted in the image below.

Figure 2: Click the highlighted button to register

Step 3: Fill in the below form and click the ‘Send’ button


Figure 3: Form to be filled

With these 3 easy enrolment steps, recruiters get the advantage of accessing applicants’ resume at their fingertips.

What is Arambha
Arambha is a recruitment portal launched by Anushree Industries India Pvt. Ltd. Its objective is to provide candidates for blue collar jobs and semi-skilled entry level jobs. We list candidates suitable for the service industry as well as for office maintenance workforce like housekeeping, security personnel, AC technicians, electricians. We also have drivers, office boys, and sales persons in our database. The educational qualification of our candidates is basic HSC up to graduation, and ITI-certified.

How Arambha Works

Our expert team prepares a resume for the applicants and posts it online. Before the resume is posted, we ensure that the educational qualifications of the candidates are genuine. We then access their skill-sets and categorize them according to their abilities.
A recruiter can search through this list for candidates according to requirement and skill-set. With Arambha, recruiters can rest assured that the candidates possess the skill-sets that is required for competently working at the job at hand. With FREE signup for its services, Arambha can prove to be a boon for recruiters when it comes to filling vacancies for entry-level jobs!