Challenges faced by Recruiters.. Solved by Arambha

Challenges faced by Recruiters.. Solved by Arambha

Challenges faced by recruiters are quite daunting when it comes to hiring for blue collar and entry level jobs. Most online job recruitment portals do not post any vacancies for semi-skilled jobs. Fair enough, because the potential candidate who would be willing to work in a semi-skilled role usually resides far from cities, with no access to the Internet. As a result, candidates for these blue collar or entry level jobs are usually found by word-of-mouth or, worse, through unscrupulous sources.

So, how would recruiters seek candidates for vacancies in industries, workshops, manufacturing units, housekeeping, repair crews and security personnel?

Challenges faced by Recruiters

  1. Hiring the right personnel for entry-level jobs
    A major challenge of the urban scenario is that it might be difficult for you to hire the right candidates for blue collar jobs and entry level jobs. For example, when you need to hire housekeeping and maintenance staff for a large mall (a common sight in metros and cities), your city-based candidates might be over-qualified for these jobs.
    Solution: With Arambha, you can get a large database of candidates who are seeking exactly these types of jobs.
  1. Fickle migrant population translates to incomplete work
    Currently, the major bulk of semi-skilled workers (carpenters, plumbers, security personnel, drivers, etc.) consist of migrant population. There is a strong possibility that the migrant populace could quit the job without any notice or return to their villages during the harvest season to tend to their fields. But, this could play havoc with your clients’ schedules.
    Solution: To resolve this situation, Arambha gives you a replacement guarantee. We provide a replacement at no extra charges, if our candidate quits the job within 3 months of joining. In this manner, we ensure that your clients are never inconvenienced.
  1. Verifying the authenticity of your candidates’ qualifications
    As a recruiter, you are only as good as your candidate. When you employ a candidate for your client, you need to be sure of the genuineness of their qualification. The more reliable your candidates’ qualifications, the more profitable it is for your recruitment business. Hiring under-qualified candidates could lead to a breach of expectations of your valued clients.
    Solution: The team from Arambha verifies the candidates’ educational background, so as to give you a reliable and suitably qualified candidate.

Arambha gives you candidates sourced in an ethical, transparent manner. Arambha’s primary goal is to change the lives of the rural youths by providing them employment in cities and urban centres.