5 Ways Recruiters Get the Best from Arambha

Arambha provides FREE registration to recruiters and employment agencies! Recruiters can access jobseekers for vacancies of drivers, plumbers, electricians, plumbers, painters, housekeeping personnel, and so on. All you need to do is click here to register for FREE at Arambha and become a member!

What are the advantages for recruiters and employment agencies?

  • Registration is entirely FREE of cost
    Arambha provides free registrations to recruiters and employment agencies. This is a great opportunity for recruiters and employment centres to reach a large and organized database of job-seeking applicants for entry-level roles.
  • Arambha does the groundwork for you
    The team from Arambha verifies the educational qualifications of candidates, which could be basic 12th pass to BCom/ BA/ BSC to ITI graduates. Our team also accesses their skill levels to determine which role would suit them best. After careful scrutiny, Arambha includes the candidates’ details in its database. We then sort and classify them according to their skill-sets, so that you can easily find suitable candidates as per your requirements.
  • Arambha guarantees a replacement candidate at no extra cost
    Arambha extends its services to recruiters even after the selection of our candidate. When our candidate leaves your clients’ employment within 3 months of joining, Arambha will immediately provide replacement candidates at no extra cost. Arambha ensures that your services and your reputation are not hampered by its candidates.
  • Recruiters can access a wide range of candidates
    We have candidates for blue-collar jobs, electricians, plumbers, painters, office boys, drivers, housekeeping staff, etc. Recruiters and employment agencies can search through our organized database and select eligible candidates as per their requirements.
  • Arambha sets up interviews with candidates
    Our candidates are mostly based out of town. So, when you need to set up interviews of our candidates with prospective employers, Arambha helps you with it. Depending on the employers’ convenience, Arambha contacts the candidates and sets up interview schedules.

With Arambha, online job recruitment portals and recruiters gain access to a number of candidates which could otherwise be out of their reach. This helps recruiters with filling vacancies for entry-level jobs in the service sector, industry and manufacturing sectors, and other similar sectors.